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The 8 Best Viral Dog Adoption Stories On the Internet

The 8 Best Viral Dog Adoption Stories On the Internet

Is there anything better than a sweet, touching, heartwarming story of a deserving dog finding his or her forever home?

We think that there is not.

It doesn’t matter what kind of day you’re having — it could be the best day of your life, or the worst — dogs will make it better. Whether you need a pick-me-up, a smile, a good cry, or just a heartwarming way to pass a few minutes of scrolling, these stories of especially sweet dog adoptions are sure to do the trick.

8 of the Most Heartwarming Dog Adoption Stories You’ll Ever Read

There’s no time to waste. You’re here for the sweet dog stories, so let’s get right to the sweet dog stories.

One Online Adoption Extravaganza Finds Homes for 1,700 Pets

When the coronavirus pandemic struck and shelters were forced to close, many of them wondered how they were going to help animals get adopted without potential owners being able to visit them.

Online adoption platform Adopets had the answer. They partnered with more than 250 shelters across the nation and made it so potential adopters could swipe through available pets in their area on their computers, smartphones, and tablets. During their Find Love Online virtual adoption event, more than 1,700 animals found loving new homes where they could spend quarantine with their forever families.

Jubilee the Husky Goes Viral for Her ‘Weird Eyelids’ — And Finds Her Forever Home

The Husky House, an animal rescue in Matawan, New Jersey, posted a plea to their followers on Facebook. Jubilee, a husky with unique eyelids that made her look permanently surprised, had been at their shelter for two years without finding an adopter.

“I came from a ‘breeder’ who couldn’t sell me because he said I was ‘weird’ looking,” the shelter wrote. “I wish I was beautiful so someone would want me to be their dog.”

The post went viral, and it’s no wonder — Jubilee may be unique, but she certainly isn’t “weird” looking, she’s adorable! And it turns out, all she needed was to be seen by the right person who could appreciate her one-of-a-kind good looks. Jubilee was soon adopted by a family who had another husky from the same rescue, and now lives the good life with a loving family and her new dog sibling.

Abandoned Dog With ‘Free’ Spray Painted on his Side Finds a Loving New Mom

In late 2019, Megan Burris had a Facebook post go viral. In it, she shared pictures and told the story of her family’s rescue dog, Walter.

Walter was found abandoned, with his beautiful black coat marred by the word “Free” spray painted in white across his side. Local rescues tried for days to capture him, but Walter was determined to wait loyally for the owner who had left him there.

Finally, he was captured. In the months that followed, Megan and her family learned more about Walter’s past of trauma and abuse through his behaviors. But over time, he learned how to behave as a loving member of his new family.

“After three months, we witnessed him sleep in our presence for the first time ever. From that point forward, he began to blossom, taking the ideas of being a house dog in stride,” Megan wrote. “As with anyone who endures abuse, there will be residual effects and Walter will always be fearful of new people and unwilling to freely offer respect to people, who have historically done him so wrong. But he has truly blossomed and become an amazing dog.”

After 7 Years Apart, Soldier Adopts His Former Canine Partner from Afghanistan

In 2011, Marine Nick Montez served in Afghanistan with a very special, beloved partner: Mally, a bomb-sniffing yellow lab. In 2013, Montez was honorably discharged, but Mally still had important work to do overseas. For seven years, the two were separated.

But in 2018, Montez got the news he had been waiting years for: Mally’s service was coming to an end. Finally, she was coming home to the United States, and her former partner would be the one to adopt her.

Montez flew to Texas to pick her up, and Mally now enjoys retired life with Montez in his hometown of Lewiston, Idaho. He says he treats her “like a princess,” and we get that, because we would too.

Olympic Gold Medalist Rescues 2 Sweet Pups from South Korea’s Meat Trade

During the 2018 Winter Olympics, activists called for restaurants in host city Pyeongchang‎, South Korea, to stop serving dog meat. But those requests were largely ignored.

Canadian figure skater Meagan Duhamel won a Gold Medal for her country at those games, but she also saved two lives: Her dogs Mootae and Daegong, whom she rescued from South Korea’s dog meat trade.


Today, Duhamel works to raise awareness about the dog meat trade in South Korea, and also serves as a flight volunteer on rescue missions to pick up dogs from the country, and bring them back to Canada where they can find loving, forever homes.

‘Dad Bods and Dogs’ Calendar Shows Off Adoptable Good Boys — And By That We Just Mean the Dogs

Sometimes all it takes to get more dogs adopted is a really good schtick. That’s what pet photographer Ricki Beason had in mind when she came up with an amazing idea in 2018.


Instead of a calendar featuring hot firemen, she went with something much, much cuter: Adoptable dogs (and also guys with dad bods, but who’s looking at them?). Her “Dad Bods and Dogs” calendar got tons of pups adopted, and raised money for multiple animals shelters in Texas.

Texas Woman Gains Stray Dog’s Trust — and Discovers an Adorable Package Deal

Judy Obregon was the founder of an animal rescue organization in Texas, so when she got a call about a German Shepherd that had been abandoned in a Fort Worth park, she leapt into action.

Obregon spent weeks at the park, watching the dog, learning her behaviors, and trying to earn her trust. Finally, after three weeks of trying, Obregon was able to catch the pup — and got an adorable surprise. The German Shepherd wasn’t the only abandoned dog at the park — she had a sweet pit bull friend.

Obregon thinks the dogs were protecting and caring for one another, but it’s a good thing they got rescued when they did — the pit bull had facial wounds that required immediate attention from a vet. As soon as they were healthy, though, the two lost dogs went to foster homes to wait for loving, forever families.

Family Gives Up Poodle With a Heartbreaking Note, But He Finds a Loving Home

There may be nothing more heartbreaking than when a family loves their pet, but comes upon hard times and can’t take care of them anymore.

That’s what happened with Lee, a one-year-old poodle who was found abandoned in a parking lot with severely overgrown, matted fur. Pinned to the sweet pup was a heartbreaking note:

“Can you please take care of my dog? He’s a great puppy, I just couldn’t afford to keep him. His name is Lee. He will listen, he will bark, and will not bite. Please don’t put him down, I love him, but can’t afford to keep him. I haven’t shaved him yet, I apologize, but please care for him and find him a home. Thanks.”

Luckily, Lee was taken in by the Harris County Animal Shelter in Texas, who groomed him and checked him over for any other health problems. After he was given a clean bill of health, sweet Lee was adopted by a loving new family within days.