Our Story

How PuppyPy came to be

Our story began when Gilad’s happy rescue dog Puppy P. Pie escaped from a locked house in a strange place, and almost went missing. 

Gilad had been invited out to dinner with some friends while on a road trip.

Before leaving for the restaurant, Gilad took every precaution to make sure Puppy was safe. First he put Puppy’s bed out, so Puppy would know this new place was home for the night. Then he put out water and food so Puppy would have something to eat. He made sure the owners of the house knew he’d be leaving his dog there for a few hours, and that no one else was scheduled to arrive. He even walked around the house to double check there were no open windows or doors. He locked the front door with a padlock and left for dinner, feeling secure his beloved pup was safe and sound.

Unbeknownst to Gilad, the parents of the Airbnb hosts stopped by for a visit and opened the front door — and Puppy Pie escaped!

He darted into the street looking for Gilad. He ran into traffic! He dodged cars! He got chased around by strangers! He was completely and utterly terrified.

Gilad had no idea any of this drama was unfolding just a few blocks away from where he was enjoying dinner. When he returned to the Airbnb he was shocked to find Puppy Pie waiting for him by his car, which was parked on the street. Gilad’s head raced with scary What Ifs: What if Puppy had taken a wrong turn? What if he’d been picked up by Animal Control? What if he’d been hit by a car?

After sharing this story and realizing how many responsible dog owners had a version of their own, Gilad realized something needed to be done.

There had to be a better way to deal with a lost dog than putting up flyers and calling the shelters, hoping some kind stranger found your lost pet.

That’s why Gilad built PuppyPy. Now, Puppy would always be safe, and no pets would ever go missing again.